If we are given wonderfully restful and nurturing surroundings and the best kind of care, it is possible for each one of us to feel and see the beauty of our own unique lives.

Licensed Massage Therapists 

Deborah Frazier

Denise Haag

Denise has 20 years of experience offering outstanding care. Denise chose massage therapy as a profession so she could have a positive impact in people’s lives.

She earned her Massage Therapy Certificate through the National University of Health Sciences. Denise’s primary intention in her work is to help her clients unwind and de-stress while easing tension. She ensures that they leave feeling better than when they came in.

Most of her massage therapy background has been in corporate and chiropractic settings. She is always interested in learning new techniques to help her clients achieve a pain free life. She’s excited to study cupping, Thai massage and Lomi Lomi in the coming months.

Denise also enjoys volleyball, hiking and spending time with her animals.


Deborah Frazier

Dave Goetz

Dave offers an integrative massage synthesizing shiatsu, deep tissue, and sports massage into a meditative flow. He thinks of massage as creating a private symphony for his clients to enjoy.

Dave graduated from Boulder College of Massage Therapy (BCMT) in 2001. His bodywork training started 10 years earlier when he began shiatsu classes at the Ohashiatsu Institute. Dave performed chair massage at Whole Foods (28th and Pearl) from January 2001 until August 2019.

Dave co-founded the Bodywork Bistro in 2006 in Boulder. He taught shiatsu, qigong, chair massage and self-care from 2007-2018 at the Healing Spirits Massage Training Program and was the co-founder of HeartMind Productions, an educational and publishing company for shiatsu education.

In 2010 Dave became certified as a registered yoga teacher (RYT) and he’s attended an array of qigong trainings through the Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi. (IIQTC) and Spring Forest Qigong.

Most warm mornings you might catch him teaching or practicing qigong in North Boulder at Wonderland Lake where he has been practicing since 2002. He loves giving massage and feels as though it’s much like doing tai chi with a partner.


Deborah Frazier

Lulu Delphine

Lulu has been playing in the field of embodiment and holistic wellness practices for over 20 years. She shares her commitment to opening the life force and flow in the body through conscious touch and guided somatic practices. She also facilitates movement and arts based groups nationally in experiences to spark aliveness and build community. Lulu utilizes a broad base of bodywork modalities from her inquiry into this work. Some familiar bodywork tools she may weave into your session: Swedish, deep tissue and sports massage, passive stretching, strain/counterstrain, acupressure, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Bodytalk and various forms of energy balancing. Lulu’s newest learning frontier is craniosacral therapy. In every session, she will be dedicated to a state of exquisite presence of what wants to happen next to facilitate healing, while also weaving the desired outcomes of her clients into the mix. ​


Deborah Frazier

Eric DeFonso

Eric’s nature-oriented background gives him a unique perspective on how to help people in need of pain relief and relaxation. He studied physics and earth sciences and even worked as a computer programmer in the business realm for several years, but left the corporate world and spent a year traveling in South America doing wildlife conservation volunteering. In 2015 he rededicated his life to connecting directly with people, understanding the mind and body and working to first improve his own health and then to share his knowledge with those around him so they can improve their own. Eric graduated from the Healing Spirits Massage Program in Boulder and then traveled shortly thereafter to Thailand and Bali to study Thai Yoga massage for nearly 3 months. There he developed an appreciation of the culture where the practice originated over 2000 years ago. Working the traditions of East and West, and even melding them when needed, he creates sessions with an easy relaxing flow alongside specific therapeutic focus. Eric offers integrative massage using deep-tissue, Swedish, neuromuscular, and myofascial techniques on the table, and of course traditional Thai Yoga massage in fully clothed sessions on a comfy floor mat. When not practicing massage, Eric enjoys being outdoors (especially birdwatching), playing and listening to music, reading, learning about cognitive science, and being an avid trail-runner here in the foothills of the Front Range of Colorado.


Deborah Frazier

Emilia Semrau

Emilia is a passionate massage therapist motivated to bring greater balance to every body she works with. Through her studies of thai massage in northern Thailand, her graduation from Denver Integrative Massage School, and her studies of yoga in India, she is equipped to offer complete body, mind, and energetic rejuvenation.

She combines Eastern and Western techniques with stretching and acupressure points, moving energy through the meridians. She takes an integrative approach, blending many different techniques to get whatever result that your body is asking for that day. Any given session could include myofascial release, hot stones, cupping, gua-sha, warm bamboo, thai massage, deep tissue, swedish, and trigger point therapy. You may request any concentration of modalities listed, or a session of traditional thai massage. For this, you would remain in clothing you can be comfortably stretched in, on a floor mat.

Emilia’s understanding of how the body holds on to stress, trauma, and stagnant emotions started with her own healing journey. This has led her to be deeply empathetic with every person she works with, and inspired to have her own story bring greater ease to those of others. Compassion, true listening, and genuine care are practices she brings into every session.


Deborah Frazier

Anicha Cannon

Receiving a good massage is one of the best things I’ve experienced! Knowing how amazing it feels, it gives me meaningful satisfaction to be able to offer this gift to others.

In 2013, I graduated from Healing Spirits massage training program in Boulder which provided me a well-rounded foundation in working with clients in a holistic way. Since then, I’ve continued my learning in varying bodywork and holistic healing modalities including nutrition, herbal medicine, yoga, dance, nature connection, and sound healing. I believe in a well lived life in which everyday is celebrated through artistic embodied expression.

As a massage therapist, I maintain a presence balanced in gentleness, calm, and firm rootedness. Typically, my touch is slow, fluid, and deep. I practice deep listening through hands-on work and also invite open communication with the client in order to facilitate the most appropriate and beneficial work.

My intention is to support a nurturing and safe space for my client in their innate ability to feel well. Some of my modalities include integrative massage (a mind-body-spirit approach to wellness), Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, Thai, prenatal and postnatal, Lomi Lomi, hot stones, and reflexology. I often combine modalities to create the desired experience, whether it’s relaxing, nurturing, invigorating, or therapeutic.


Deborah Frazier


Bio coming soon.

Deborah Frazier

Sarah Reyes

Sarah has a thriving passion for Massage Therapy & assisting her clients with their health & healing goals. Using a holistic approach in her practice, she focuses on each clients’ needs, weaving presence with skills. 

Whether your in need of a deep relaxation massage, focus on injuries & trauma, or prenatal/postpartum treatments; she is a conduit to meet you where you are on your journey. 

Sarah graduated from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy in 2008 with over 1,000 hours of training. She is experienced in myofascial release, deep tissue techniques, neuromuscular therapy, Swedish, Prenatal / Postpartum, womb massage, Comfort Touch with the elderly, lymph drainage, Integrative, Reiki 1, & Shamanic Bodywork. 

In her spare time she enjoys quality time with her children, gardening, hiking, singing, snow shoeing , playing music, folk medicine & herbs. She appreciates the spirit of life in all things & co ~ creating with community for the greater good of all beings.

Licensed Estheticians

Deborah Frazier

Deborah Frazier

Zen Beauty Artist, Deborah Frazier, joins us with years of experience in the health and beauty industry. Her early beginnings at age 12 were on stage as a dancer in an opera where she learned stage make-up and in her 20s as a supermodel on the runways in Europe and USA working with artists and designers.

This early exposure blossomed into a personal passion to help people “Look and Feel” they’re very best! Licensed in three states, Deb is a board-certified esthetician.

She has pioneered CEU classes for estheticians, mentored alongside plastic surgeons, developed a “derma-spa” within a dermatology practice, and has owned her own holistic studio spa.

Deborah continues to learn and study and grow with this fulfilling career. She incorporates “Healing Touch” within every treatment and service she provides.

Jamie Brunson - esthetician

Jamie Brunson

Jamie is a Licensed Aesthetician who studied at Denver School of Botanical and Medical Aesthetics. She is passionate about promoting self-care and believes when the mind/body/spirit is balanced, healthy skin is a result! Jamie will customize your facial based on your skin concerns and goals, and by suggesting one of the four luxurious product lines that Massage Like Butterfly offers at the spa. She is also trained in Gua Sha, facial cupping, and other lymphatic drainage practices that leave your skin glowing! Jamie has advanced massage techniques, as well as competency in nutrition for the skin. Aromatherapy will also be integrated into your service, so plan on ultimate relaxation!

She is eager to advance her profession in the skincare industry and will soon be receiving her advanced certifications in Microneedling, Dermaplaning, Chemical Peels and Microdermabrasion.

In her free time Jamie enjoys yoga, walking her Spaniel, wine tastings, horseback riding, and spending time with friends and family. Book with her today!

Jamie Brunson - esthetician

Shane Hynes

A Holistic Skin Therapist since 2004, it is Shane’s passion to enrich people’s lives through her extensive knowledge of skin health. a sincerely healing touch and by creating a uniquely personalized, relaxing facial experience. Her guests feel heard and empowered with effective treatment suggestions and potent home care regimes.

Making people feel at ease during a face or body waxing service is Shane’s specialty. She is a Brow Shaping artist and getting a Brazilian from her is fast, efficient and comfortable. Shane utilizes various tools and techniques in her practice to enable her guests to achieve their individual goals and look their ultimate best.