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Put your best face forward with one of our results-driven facial treatments designed to give you the specific results you are seeking in a clean and natural way. All Body Bar facials include a skin analysis by trained estheticians to ensure the perfect products are selected for your skin care needs.


Essential Skincare

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Vital Boost Facial

30 Min - $75

A targeted facial designed to meet the specific needs of your skin in just 30 minutes. This powerhouse facial begins with a complete skin assessment followed by a curated, results-oriented treatment plan that includes lymphatic drainage, exfoliation and targeted serums using cutting edge ultrasonic and infusion technology to penetrate deep into the dermal layers to restore vital radiance.

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The Body Bar Custom Facial

60 Min – $135 | 90* Min – $195

A prescriptive luxury facial that is results-focused and uses advanced technology and manual techniques to target and address your specific skin care needs. Our expert Estheticians will carefully curate your experience using a selection of active organic and cosmeceutical skincare lines that are rich in properties like antioxidants, phytonutrients, peptides, liquid oxygen, stem cells, botanicals, and more. *With extended time this facial will be further customized with skin boosting serums  and high-frequency exfoliation technology that elevate your skin care experience to the next level.

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Mountain Man Facial

60 Min – $135 | 90* Min – $195

A high-performance facial designed specifically for his skin care needs: incorporating multiple stages of cleansing, exfoliation, masks, and massage amplified by an arsenal of clean cosmeceuticals to deliver healthy, high functioning skin.

*Extend to a 90-minute treatment with the addition of a custom skincare boost and advanced ultrasonic and infusion technology.


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Sea Hydration Facial

60 Min – $150 | 90* Min – $210

An ultra hydrating facial that pairs high performance sea based active ingredients with a relaxing facial massage. This treatment is designed to counteract the effects of our dry Colorado high altitude climate and intense sun exposure. It is packed full of vitamin and hydration serums that penetrate the deeper layers of the skin leaving it softer, hydrated and more radiant.

*Extend to a 90-minute ritual for additional results with advanced enzyme peel and ENO™ 3-in -1 ultrasonic device for advanced exfoliation, custom serum infusion, and lymphatic skin sculpting.



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Spa Clinical Facial

60 Min – $170

The Osmosis RevitaPen Pro & Medi-Infusion is a clinical spa facial that supercharges the delivery of a high-dose vitamin A infusion with cutting edge nano-needling technology. The unique sphere-shaped tips of the RevitaPen create micro-channels that allow active ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin for immediate, visible results with no downtime.




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Wild Beauty Holistic Facial

60 Min – $155 | 90* Min – $210

The Eminence Organics results-driven facial uses the healing properties of plants and natural enzymes to deliver visible results for all skin types. A layering of vitamins, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory botanicals replenish the skin at a cellular level.

*Extend to a 90 min ritual for additional results with advanced enzyme peel and ENO™ 3-in -1 ultrasonic device for advanced exfoliation, custom serum infusion, and lymphatic skin sculpting.





Advanced Skincare

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Osmosis Transformation Facial

90 Min – $270

This advanced facial ritual nurtures the skin and helps restore and revitalize all skin types. This skin refining facial encourages healthy collagen manufacturing and provides a specific form of Vitamin A, Retinaldehyde, that works with the skin to promote cellular turnover. The RevitaPen Pro enhances this treatment by creating microchannels to further advance nutrients into the skin.






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Radiant Glow Facial

60 Min – $180 | 90* Min – $270

A complete age-defying facial treatment that illuminates the complexion, reduces dark spots and smooths fine lines and wrinkles. This ultimate facial rejuvenation uses a double exfoliation and powerful blend of active ingredients to improve skin texture, brighten and revitalize mature and tired skin. An alpha hydroxy acid peel lifts layers of pigmentation and refines skin texture in preparation for custom serums and complexion balancing massage. *Extend to a 90-minute treatment with the addition of a 20% acid exfoliating peel and an Oligomer® sheet mask.






Skincare Enhancements

Osmosis Revitapen Infusion Treatment


Take your facial services to the next level with this non-invasive tool that enhances product absorption to create immediate, visible results with no downtime. Unique sphere-shaped tips move gently on the skin to allow for active ingredients to be more efficiently utilized for ultimate rejuvenation.

Advanced Exfoliation and Skin Elixir


ENO™ 3-in -1 ultrasonic device for advanced exfoliation, custom serum infusion, and lymphatic skin sculpting.

Eye and Lip Rescue


Smooth, firm and brighten delicate areas using a hydrating serum boost and Ultrasonic infusion technology to increase product penetration and efficacy.

Hair and Scalp Treatment


15-minute Add-on – A nourishing scalp and hair restoration, hydration and renewal using Phytomer Sea-Mineral Beautifying Oil.