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Massage Like Butterfly is now The Body Bar – Lafayette, and is under new ownership. New website to be live soon!

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Make the most of your downtime with restorative treatments customized to the unique needs of the male body and skincare requirements. Whether you are new to spa treatments or a frequent client, our specialists are here to assist with selection of services to give you the results you need.


Treatment for him

The demands of a man’s life are distinct. Give yourself the gift of recouping vital energy. The body recovers more quickly and responds more quickly and efficiently when given time to deeply recover and relax.

We offer a variety of treatments tailored to help you recharge and renew between your life’s demanding days of both work and play. Think deep muscle release after skiing or cycling. Or perhaps deep hydration for your face and body in preparation for a special evening out. Whatever your particular need, we are pleased to offer treatments customized by your personal selections from our four lines of pure and organic products. Allow us to raise the bar on your vibrant life. Reserve your spa treatment now.