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Phytomer – SLIMMING

The sea has an extraordinary affinity with our skin’s cells, containing everything needed to restore and maintain beautiful skin health. Vital sea salts and minerals detox, exfoliate, and prepare the body for the slimming properties and exceptional nourishment of the ocean.


Crystallized Seawater Scrub
P5 – Targeted Curve Slimming

90 min – $210
30 min Scrub | 60 min Body Wrap

For The Best Results Schedule 3 Phytomer Body Treatments To Get $60 Off 🦋

Flecks of crystallized seawater and lactic acid-infused red algae are massaged over the skin to smooth rough areas and eliminate dryness from the body. After the exfoliant is dusted off the skin to reveal a fresh complexion, a final, custom blend of body milk and creams are applied to leave a veil of moisture.

The sea is full of powerful fat-fighting ingredients, thanks to remarkable algae that contain special fatty acids, minerals, and antioxidants capable of restoring our cells’ fat-burning abilities while increasing the circulation and drainage of fluids from the tissues. After a slimming & firming massage is performed with a fat-burning massage medium, the body is wrapped in a mask made of Algae Jam to help with restoring slenderness and firmness to the silhouette. Enjoy one treatment for a slimming boost or a series of treatments for a sustained result.