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A sensory journey customizes your experience by personal selection of oils or lotions for your massage. Sample the scents and aspects of each of our four product lines to choose based on your desires or therapeutic needs.



Circulate. Smooth. Rejuvenate.

60 Min – $120 | 90 Min – $155 | 120 Min – $200

Practiced with the use of heated cups placed with their openings upon the skin, cupping primarily promotes blood circulation while reducing fluid build up. Other notable benefits may include encouragement of hormonal balancing and reduction of cellulite.

Scholars differ on the origins of cupping therapy. There are very early Egyptian pictographs which illustrate the technique in ancient Egypt, and there is extensive knowledge of it found in ancient China. The understanding of such practices has been beneficial enough for it to find its way into modern times.

How might cupping reduce cellulite? While a natural occurrence of uneven or dimpled fat beneath the surface of the skin, cellulite’s appearance is not ideal. Cupping’s ability to improve blood circulation can improve your skin’s appearance and assist with the temporary reduction of cellulite’s dimpling effect. Improvement is often experienced with repeated treatments in ten to twelve sessions.