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Massage Like Butterfly is now The Body Bar – Lafayette, and is under new ownership. New website to be live soon!

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We invite you to arrive early to take time selecting your products.
A sensory journey customizes your experience by personal selection of oils or lotions for your massage. Sample the scents and aspects of each of our four product lines to choose based on your desires or therapeutic needs.



Deep. Relieving. Surrender.

60 Min – $110 | 90 Min – $155 | 120 Min – $200

Unlock healing from the deeper layers of your skin and muscles and open the door to powerful healing. Your body has different needs at different times of your life. Deep tissue massage offers firm pressure at greater muscular depth than other massage modalities, releasing long-held tensions. This release often occurs simultaneously in the mind and heart, offering you the opportunity to drop into a state of relaxation and ease similar to deep meditation.

There is a relieving surrender which happens when we give over our pain and suffering into the hands of another. Our massage therapists hold the space for you in the most kind and caring manner so you may offer up and release what no longer serves you.

Physically, deep tissue massage acts to break up old adhesions in the muscles which may have occurred from injury, repetitive motion, trauma, or everyday tensions. With regular treatment, you may experience this as a lessening of chronic pain, decreased tension, and an overall sense of ease and relief.