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A sensory journey customizes your experience by personal selection of oils or lotions for your massage. Sample the scents and aspects of each of our four product lines to choose based on your desires or therapeutic needs.



Connect with Earth’s curative powers.

60 Min – $110 | 90 Min – $155 | 120 Min – $200

The stones of our Earth are made of the same minerals of which we are made. As your blood moves through your body, it carries with it these minerals. In this manner, the Earth’s stones can heal us by their weight and by this mineral kinship.

Heated to approximately 130°F and coated in pure organic oils, our stones retain their heat for a length of time as they are placed upon selective muscles. The soothing heat’s effect is as much about your body as it is about the center of your being. There is something about being held by the stones of the Earth which is profoundly nurturing.

Stones will be used with oil in the palm of your massage therapist’s hand as part of this treatment. The stones will also be used to warm muscles and ease tension at specific points on your body throughout your massage. Ultimately, hot stone massage is a timeless and uniquely individual experience which offers a personal connection to Earth’s curative powers.