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Massage Like Butterfly is now The Body Bar – Lafayette, and is under new ownership. New website to be live soon!

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We invite you to arrive early to take time selecting your products.
A sensory journey customizes your experience by personal selection of oils or lotions for your massage. Sample the scents and aspects of each of our four product lines to choose based on your desires or therapeutic needs.



When we help the body help itself, we are restored.

60 Min – $100 | 90 Min – $145 | 120 Min – $195

Restorative, calming, and rejuvenating, Swedish massage energetically activates the body’s natural healing. Originally developed by Per Henrik Ling, a Swedish fencing instructor in the early 1800’s, this technique has endured for its wonderful ability to considerably improve circulation and generate the body’s responses to reduce pain and inflammation.

Your muscles will be treated to long, gliding strokes with deeper kneading of larger muscle groups. The gentler, rhythmic flow of Swedish massage eases muscular strain and helps to flush toxins from the body, while offering to soothe both emotional and physical stress.

Because the body holds stress at the heart center, Swedish massage is ideal for easing anxiety. Its use of longer strokes moving towards the heart offers support for better blood flow and a passage for stagnant energies to move out. You will feel immeasurably at ease with your body and mind.